Artificial Intelligence in Biology and Health

Despite the simultaneous boom in biological data and in machine learning, there is still much that separates these two disciplines. Different institutes, different journals, different approaches to doing science. The aim of this symposium is to bring together internationally recognised experts across a range of topics from biology, bioinformatics, clinical machine learning to theoretical artificial intelligence. These speakers were selected based on a world class track record and their ability to speak to a broad audience. Our aim is to create interest for scientists and students outside of their own discipline. By bringing together major actors across these fields of research, we wish to push people outside of their comfort zone and allow them to understand the actual science behind themes that may have appeared obscure before. Each speaker will present their field of research with sufficient depth and detail for the audience to understand the limitations and power of each approach, yet speak in sufficient lay terms get all the audience interested. The day is organised so that students and scientists have access to the speakers and discuss themes around how we can create working environments where scientists from AI, health and biology can interact creatively and which technologies we should be investing into in our research and courses.

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