Nuno Ferrand

Nuno Ferrand is the Scientific Coordinator of the Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO) and its associate laboratory (InBIO) at this University of Porto, where he teaches genetics and evolution.

Dr. Ferrand is interested in evolutionary biology, particularly in genetic diversity patterns of natural animal populations, ecology, conservation, domestication and speciation. He has published over 150 SCI papers including in ScienceNature Genetics, or Molecular Biology and Evolution and has authored three books and contributed to a dozen of others.

Dr. Ferrand is the Director of the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) where he is currently leading a profound restructuring operation to create a brand new museum focused on an innovative museographic philosophy, in partnership with the Portuguese Agency for Scientific Culture Promotion Ciência Viva. He has organized several major exhibitions, including on Darwin’s Evolution.