Philippe Jarne

Philippe Jarne is Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), working at the Center for Evolutionary and Functional Ecology (CEFE) since 1999. Since his PhD thesis (1990, University of Montpellier), he has been working on the dynamics of biodiversity, from molecules to species communities, based on both evolutionary and ecological approaches, more specifically on freshwater faunas from tropical areas (Africa, Antilles). His work mixes experimental approaches in the laboratory, including experimental evolution, and field, molecular and theoretical approaches. Of concern are processes strongly acting on biodiversity, including biological invasions and environmental change. This work was conducted with numerous young researchers and collaborators, and led to more than 150 international publications and extensive outreach activities.

Dr. Jarne also developed an intense activity in research management, especially as Deputy Director and then Director of CEFE (2004-2014) and as chairman of the CeMEB Labex (2013-2019). He serves on the scientific council of various research organizations (CNRS, Universities, CIRAD …) and of biodiversity management (Parc national de la Vanoise). He is regularly interviewed by medias on these topics, especially on the major threats concerning biodiversity.