Date: Friday, June, 19th 2020
Time: 2 options to attend the workshop 15-16h or 18-19h
Place: At home!

Free registration :
5 participants will be selected.

Innovation and creativity have been identified as essential abilities to the survival and continuous reinvention of modern-day organizations.
This 1-hour-hands-on workshop, PENTA-LAB, is specially designed to develop the transversal skills needed to develop a successful career in the public or private sectors.

It will be conducted in English in collaboration with a British consultant specialized in innovation for research laboratories, universities, private companies and the public sector.

Key words: Innovation / Creativity/ Design thinking / Leadership / Challenge / Integration / Human Resources Management / Interdisciplinary research

How to register:

Send an email to:

  1. At what time you would like to attend the workshop: 15h or 18h?
    Only 1 session will take place with a restricted number of participants.
  2. Answer the question : Do you have any ideas and projects you would like to develop? Yes or No.
    If yes, briefly describe your idea or project (3 sentences).
    If not, why you would like to attend it, Why innovation matters to your career?
  3. A confirmation email will be sent with a ZOOM link.