Coached by Patrizia Tavormina, Pedagogical engineer, CSIP MUSE

Peer instruction is an interactive method designed by Eric Mazur, Professor at Harvard University, in his physics courses in the 90’s. Peer instruction is now successfully implemented in different scientific disciplines all over the world.

Basically Peer Instruction consists of asking challenging multiple choice questions during the lecture. Thereupon the students have to discuss in peers and decide on the correct answer. At the end they vote and the instructor provides explanations depending on the voting result.

During the workshop you will be introduced to peer instruction as an active learning strategy. Afterwards, we will study some examples in different scientific disciplines : physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Format : on line (Zoom) or in person (IDEON room) depending on the regulations imposed by sanitary crisis. We will send an email to confirm your participation and logistics one week before the start of the workshop.

Public : teachers, professors, researchers, educational consultants and pedagogical engineers that are part of MUSE

Number of participants : maximum 20. We will cancel the workshop in case less than 9 participants subscribed.
In case more than 20 participants subscribe, we will prioritize people that never participated before in IDEON workshops and we will prioritize professors, professor-researchers and researchers.

The workshops are free of charge, but subscription is mandatory.