CIRAD Deputy Director General for Research and Strategy

With an initial training in System Agronomy, Philippe Petithuguenin has been working in the field of agricultural research for development, at the level of projects, programmes and public policies for 30 years, including 20 years spent on long-term assignments outside France, mainly in Africa and Latin America.

His expertise concerns the links between research and development processes in tropical agriculture and particularly in the coffee and cocoa sectors. He has managed research teams and development projects, and also held institutional representation positions, as CIRAD regional director and INRA representative in Brazil, for 5 years. He worked for 3 years for the European Commission in Brussels, as an advisor to DG RTD for international cooperation in agricultural research and to coordinate the investments of the Commission and the member states in this field.

In addition to his current position as Deputy Director General for Research and Strategy at CIRAD, he is a member of various working groups at the French level (convenor of the Europe & International WG of the AllEnvi Alliance), European level (Co-Chair of the SCAR ARCH WG) and bi-continental level (Co-Chair of the expert group that prepared the roadmap for Europe-Africa cooperation in research and innovation on Food and Nutritional Security and Sustainable Agriculture).