Founder and Executive Director, Acacias for All and Dream in Tunisia

Sarah Toumi is a French-Tunisian social entrepreneur, specialised in finding solutions to desertification, poverty and inequality. She founded Acacias for all in 2012, after measuring the impact of desertification on farmers, especially women, in her paternal grandparents’ village in Tunisia. Her project consists in integrating farmers into the social and solidarity economy in order to regenerate their ecosystems: pooling access to quality organic inputs, training in agroecology and funding to set up garden forests and agroforestry practices; and connecting them to processing and marketing channels to improve their positioning in the value chain, with a focus on the vegetable protein and natural fragrance markets. She also initiated the 1MillionTrees4Tunisia campaign to engage all urban and rural citizens in reforestation actions in Tunisia. In 2019, she specialized herself in « tech4good » and developed a platform to digitalise her model and improve the traceability of projects. She was one of the five winners of the Rolex award in 2016, listed in the Forbes Under 30 special social entrepreneurs, and appointed by Emmanuel Macron to the Presidential Council for Africa.