Veterinarian, specialized in tropical veterinary medicine, PhD Paris University and HDR Montpellier University. Stay in Africa for 8 years (Ethiopia, Niger) for research and development activities (1975-1983) before joining National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) as director of ecopathology laboratory. Joining CIRAD (Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development) as Head of Animal Productions Program (1996), then as Scientific project manager (2007). Starting interest for camels in Ethiopia in 1975, studying mineral metabolism. Gradually, through his multiple research programs in cooperation and his international network of camel scientists (North, Western and Horn of Africa, Middle-East, India, Central Asia, Latin America), he founded the International Society for Research and Development on Camelids (ISOCARD). At present chairman of ISOCARD and vice-chairman of French Federation of camelids farming. In 2010-2015, working in Saudi Arabia as FAO consultant in a camel research center. At present, emeritus researcher at CIRAD and independent international camel expert. Author of more than 450 scientific publications, 340 communications in national and international conferences, 45 books and chapters in book, 210 technical reports and 12 scientific editions.

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