Montpellier and head of the Dynamic Structuration under Constraints research team (DySCo) in the joint research unit Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies (UMR IATE). She obtained a PhD in Biochemistry/Physicochemistry in 1994 and a Habilitation to Direct Research in 2007 on the structure-function of colloids and the dynamics of gels formation under various constraints. Using multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approaches, the objectives of her research are to understand the dynamics of food matrices formation under processes using physical (high temperature, high-pressure, shear stress), chemical (acidification, carbonation) and/or biological (enzymatic processes) constraints, with emphasis on functional and nutritional properties. She has worked extensively on milk proteins and dairy products, from their physico-chemical characterization to product development in collaboration with various institutes and dairy companies. She has recently studied the techno-functional properties of specific milks as camel milk and also the mixing of milk proteins with plant proteins to generate eco-innovative food matrices with new functional properties.

Since 2019, she is deputy director of the engineering school Polytech Montpellier (1300 students, 10 training departments) and is involved in the Hybrid Innovating learning lab (HILL) project dedicated to food eco-conception with 13 other French higher education institutions.