Dominique BONNET

Dominique Bonnet obtained her PhD degree at University of Paris VII. She then joined the group of Prof. John Dick’s laboratory in Toronto, Canada for her post-doctoral training. Four years later, she was accepted as a Group Leader at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research, in New Jersey and became Assistant Professor. In 2001, she moved to Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute where she became a Group Leader in 2006. Since August 2012, she is Professor at the University College of London, division of Biosciences, and a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health. In 2016, her group moved to the new Francis Crick Institute.

Her group is investigating the molecular program that regulate human normal blood stem cells and how oncogenic events impede the normal development both directly and via the stem cell microenvironment. More recently, she developed humanised niche model to further study the interaction of human HSC/LSC within the BM niche.