The major issues chosen by the MUSE I-SITE’s 19 partners as key priorities (Feed – Care – Protect) have always been considered by the Montpellier scientific community as intertwined challenges that concern the entire planet, in particular countries in the southern hemisphere.

Among the initiatives MUSE has launched since 2017, notably thanks to combined support from Occitanie Region and the I-SITE, University of Montpellier is honored to welcome Edgar Morin, considered as “the father of complex thought”, for a rich work program. Actions include  a series of seminars at the Faculty of Education starting in early 2019, preparation for symposiums, organization of specific debates, work on PhD thesis topics, and more. These actions are being undertaken as part of the MAK’IT Institute of Advanced Knowledge created by MUSE.

One question is central to upcoming thinking: “How to promote innovative agriculture that contributes to food security and environmental quality, while encouraging the transition towards an environmentally-friendly society and improving human health in changing environments?”

The first event for 2019 is the “Face-to-face” session with Edgar Morin and Pablo Servigne on the topic “Heading towards a breakdown?” to be held on January 21, 2019