The 2017 PRIME@MUSE action, led by University of Montpellier in cooperation with ENSCM, CNRS, INRA, and Montpellier SupAgro was launched for a duration of two years and received funding from the Occitanie Region and MUSE for a total of 690 K€ (582 K€ by Occitanie Region). It was decided to extend and prolong the action starting in 2019.

Occitanie Region recently allocated 1,765,175 euros to develop partnerships with local companies following its PRIME 2018 call-for-projects. 10 institutions (UM, CNRS, ENSCM, INRA, Montpellier SupAGRO, INSERM, Montpellier and Nîmes CHUs, IRSTEA, and IRD) will be able to mobilize their efforts to pursue business development actions related to health, chemistry, MIPS, agriculture and agronomics, and soon ecology.

A joint action plan between the establishments and Occitanie Region will be implemented to: prolong business developer missions launched in September 2018; extend the scope of the action to include ecology; pursue implementation of an innovation marketing and communication plan; set up digital tools to be shared by partner institutions to streamline partnership relations; and fund improvements for technology platforms.