On January 25, 2019, Philippe Augé (President, University of Montpellier), Jean-Patrick Respaut (Vice-President in charge of Curricula and University Life), and David Cassagne (Vice-President in charge of Digital Technologies in Education), inaugurated IDEON, the new MUSE pedagogical innovation space, in the presence of a panel of key decision-makers for education from the university schools and MUSE consortium schools.

Open to all the consortium’s pedagogical teams, IDEON is located at the Botanical Institute in Montpellier, providing a space dedicated to innovation, creativity, and pedagogical transformation. Inspired by the most innovative layouts of widely recognized Learning Labs, the space will above all be used to organize workshops to accompany change and provide training on new learning methods. This includes active pedagogical techniques adapted to the needs of professors, and co-designing spaces. IDEON is also intended to encourage exchanges between pedagogical teams and the professional world to bring about new ideas.

With its original format inspired by techniques used at the University of Stanford, this inauguration replaced traditional institutional protocol with an innovative workshop to elaborate a creative roadmap for the “university’s pedagogical transformation.”  The participating “decision-makers” naturally took over the space during the workshop and highlighted, among other things, the need to keep students at the heart of the transformation effort and to stimulate change by overcoming resistance.

The inaugural workshop was thus the first step in a consultation process that will serve as a model and lead to the organization of other workshops with research-professors and students within the MUSE scope.  Seven workshops have already been scheduled for the coming weeks, in particular to support the implementation of TAKE-OFF projects (see workshop agenda).

*Designed by the MUSE Support Center for Pedagogical Innovation (#CSIPMUSE) to accompany the changing role of professors and research-professors as professional contributors, IDEON is a modular space that was developed after a thorough analysis of possible uses. Decisions regarding technologies and the use of space were made to meet the needs of future users from the fifteen Learning Labs that MUSE funds or will fund through the TAKE-OFF “Support for pedagogical innovation” call-for-projects (laureates of the second TAKE-OFF wave will be announced in March 2019). A budget of 55 K€ was dedicated to designing the IDEON space.