The 12 members of MAK’IT Scientific Council (MASC) gathered for the first time on 6 November in Montpellier and via video-conference.

This first meeting was an opportunity for this group of high-level personalities to get to know each other, to better understand and appropriate the MAK’IT project, but also to initiate a discussion on its future strategic orientations as well as to select the first controversy that will serve as a framework for the Institute’s “COHORT” call for applications.

As an independent body whose primary objective is to support MAK’IT’s strategic development, the MASC has three main missions:

  • Evaluate the applications received under the various MAK’IT calls for applications;
  • Provide advice and recommendations on the strategy, positioning, themes and scientific activities of the Institute;
  • Contribute to the international visibility and promotion of the Institute, circulate information about its hosting programmes and activities, suggest researchers or other personalities who may be invited to the Institute.
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