Coimbra Life Sciences Group (CLSG) Master’s Programs “Master in Cancer Biology”

Eleven Universities of the Coimbra Group participate in the “Master’s Program in Cancer Biology” An i nitiative of the Coimbra Life Sciences Group

What it is

A proposed action aim ed at increasing the excellence and competitiveness of our postgraduate/master students in the context of the Life Sciences. Thus, CLSG offers to master student s in the cancer biology field (or related) , the opportunity to develop their practical training/research project (or part of it) in one of the partnering Universities participating in the Program . Students can also attend cancer – related lectures in the foreign U niversity during their practical tra ining.

General aims 

  • To develop active networks in the cancer research area .
  • To share training activities and technologies with the goal to boost the quality and competitiveness of bio – scientific education and training
  • To introduce students to an interdisciplinary approach to cancer research, from basic to clinical level .

Participating Universities

Montpellier (France), Wurzburg (Germany), zu Koln (Cologne, Germany), Turku (Finland) , Abo Akademi (Finland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Tartu (Estonia), C oimbra (Portugal), Pavia (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Salamanca (Spain).

Consult the broad range of research projects and cancer related subjects offered by each University

Contact for details: marie-alix.poul-pearson[at], daniel.fisher[at], william.jacot[at]