Gabriela Litre is a full Associate Researcher on Global Environmental Change and Public Policies at the Centre for Sustainable Development of the University of Brasília in Brazil, Coordinator of the Knowledge Transfer Working Group of the Socio-Environmental Observatory of the National Institute of Science and Technology (INCT Odisseia) and member of the Brazilian Research Network on Global Climate Change (Rede Clima).

Expert in participatory processes and knowledge co-production for climate change adaptation and the Water-Energy- Food nexus, she will be co-hosted by the JRU Espace-DEV and the RU ‘Management of Renewable Resources and the Environment’ (GREEN) to carry out her project: ‘Potentialities and Limits of Knowledge Co- Production for the Equitable Internalization of the Sustainable Development Goals: An Analysis of Brazil’s Observatory of the Dynamics between Societies and Environments through a Nexus+ Perspective’.

Gabriela Litre is the first researcher to be welcomed by MAK’IT within the framework of its ‘VISITING SCIENTISTS’ programme. She will stay in Montpellier for 12 months, from September 2020 to August 2021.

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