2nd MUSE International Advisory Board (MIAB) meeting


During the first MIAB meeting, MIAB members recommended tofavor larger global projects and infrastructures for maximum impact. In a preparatory session for the 2nd MIAB meeting in October 2020, MUSE presented a proposal to extend some MUSE Key Initiatives to global level as a means to build upon to design and launch such “global thematic initiatives/alliances.

The potential to create “global thematic initiatives/alliances” was demonstrated by the already dense existing bilateral collaboration between MUSE and MIAB members. Leveraging and strengthening such links in a multilateral framework is envisaged to contribute to designing and launching Key World Initiatives (Key WIs) that ambition to facilitate the emergence of worldwide research & academic thematic structures.

2nd MIAB meeting agenda

The second MIAB meeting will focus on discussing3 MUSE Key World Initiatives(Key WIs) proposals, soliciting MIAB members’ advice to drive such a process, and their possible interest to be part of it.

Three topicswill be discussed:

o Key WIVECT-OH(on Vector and Risk within a One-healthperspective);

Meeting organization details

Since the current Covid pandemic prevents international travel,the meeting is organized viavideo-conference(Zoom platform). In order to accommodate the best possible timeframe for attendance with several time zones and sometimes significant time differences,the 2nd MIAB meeting will take place in two parts over 2 days:

· Part one: Thursday December 10–3pm-5:30pm French time – duration 2.5 hours
· Part two: Friday December 11–3pm-5pm French time – duration 2 hours