The EXPLORE international mobility support program works to promote exchanges and collaboration at an international level to increase the site’s exposure and attractiveness. The program provides a framework for structuring initiatives to build the university of tomorrow in connection with MUSE’s scientific focus.  EXPLORE supports collaboration projects in a non-exclusive manner with privileged partners and universities. These projects may leverage existing platforms in partnership with internationally-active MUSE members.

EXPLORE supports individual incoming and outgoing mobility opportunities to pursue new international collaboration projects led by PhD students, notably in preparation for their post-thesis professional projects. The program is open to professors, research-professors, and researchers (tenured or under contract during the mobility period). Engineers, technicians, support staff (tenured or under contract during the mobility period) may apply (outgoing mobility only for the latter). EXPLORE also supports collective mobility opportunities to develop new international collaboration (pedagogical, academic and/or scientific, partnership).

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