Research theme



The Montpellier area Genetics-Epigenetics community represents 55 teams operating in 14 research organizations (CBS, CRBM, DEFEDMEM, IGF, IGH, IGMM, INM, Intertryp, IRCM, IRIM, IRMB, LPHI, PhyMedExp).

In 2010, as part of France’s “Investments for the Future” program, research excellence in this field was recognized with the establishment of the EpiGenMed Excellence Laboratory (LabEx). The EpiGenMed LabEx has been a remarkable success, with major discoveries made by its teams, which have been rewarded with national and international prizes and awards. EpiGenMed has been labeled Montpellier University of Excellence Laboratory (LabMUSE) as part of the I-SITE project. Its objective is to promote fundamental and clinical research by setting up interdisciplinary projects “to move from the genome and the epigenome to the molecular medicine of tomorrow”. The LabMUSE EpiGenMed has 22 research teams of excellence, studying the implications of genetics and epigenetics in cell proliferation and differentiation, normal development, neurobiology, infectious disease and cancer in close collaboration with the community of Montpellier.

Our research program also targets clinical applications in several fields. For this, in 2018 the Montpellier University Hospital entered into a partnership to promote the translation of discoveries from basic scientific research into medical research applications. In this context, the clinical teams of the Montpellier-Nîmes interhospital federation of medical genetics and molecular medicine (3 clinical units, 15 hospital laboratories) joined the existing teams of the genetic and epigenetic research axis. This scientific integration aims to develop partnerships that will allow us to combine scientific discoveries in genetics and epigenetics with future medical applications.