Research theme


Infectiology, Immunology

The Infectiology and Immunology community is organized as a continuum based on fundamental research, clinical research, and health research on populations. It is coordinated and led by a Hospital-University Federation (FHU) “Infection and Chronicity” (InCh) comprising seven hospital services and departments at the Montpellier and Nîmes CHU university hospitals; 14 research laboratories (CBS, CRBM, IGF, IGH, IGMM, IMAGINE, Intertryp, IRCM, IRIM, IRMB, LPHI, PCCEI, TransVIHMI, VBIC), and a hospital platform (LECRII). Benefiting from strong international presence with several laboratories operating in Africa, Asia, South America, and more, this community is heavily involved with many international projects relating to HIV, Ebola, and Arbovirus infections in coordination with countries in the southern hemisphere and research organizations operating there, notably IRD and Cirad. In addition to the exceptional technical platforms at the BioCampus Montpellier joint service unit, which are available to all BioHealth researchers, the community also benefits from other more specific platforms, such as those at the CEMIPAI (Research Center for Infectious Diseases and Anti-infectious Pharmacology) joint research unit and infrastructures for housing, breeding, and experimental-experimentation preparation in A2/A3 animal facilities and I2/I3 insect facilities.

Lastly, a major partnership was established with large industry groups and solid SMEs/VSEs, namely: Horiba, SANOFI-Aventis, Biorad, Abivax, Metafora, Deinove, Nosopharm, and Azilead.