Research theme


Quantitative Biology

The goal of Quantitative Biology is to understand the underlying principles of complex biological behaviors in terms of physical and mathematical parameters. It is therefore an approach that encompasses all fields in biology, levering technological expertise such as:

  •  Structural biology
  • Biophysics and microscopy, from single molecule to tissue
  • Bioinformatics (structural, genomic…) and biostatistics
  • System biology
  • Multi-scale molecular modeling

This community comprises 40 research teams operating in 9 laboratories (CBS, CRBM, IGF, IGH, IGMM, IRIM, IRCM, LBN, LPHI).

With teams supported through funding from prestigious sources (ERC, ATIPAvenir, Bettencourt-Schueller…), the Quantitative Biology community coordinates and/or participates in 5 certified “Investments for the Future” projects, namely: the Institute of Computational Biology (IBC), the Bip-Bip integrative structural biology project, and 3 national infrastructure programs in the field of optical imaging (France Bio-Imaging-FBI), structural biology (French Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure – FRISBI), and chemicalinformatics (ChemBioFrance). In addition, several teams working in this field are major stakeholders in prestigious international networks, notably Physics of Living Systems and LifeTime.