Hospital-University Federations

Hospital-University Federations (FHUs) were created as part of France’s Investments for the Future Programs, designed to enable the creation of multi-institution organizations with critical mass in a global context, seeking excellence and pursuing the ultimate goal of increasing the country’s economic growth potential. The goal of these investment programs is to support productivity, innovation, and competitiveness in France.

In February 2015, the Montpellier and Nîmes University Hospital Centers (CHUs), along with University of Montpellier and Aviesan, launched a regional call-for-projects entitled FHU_LR. Six applications were evaluated. A rigorous selection process involving international experts resulted in the certification, in December 2016, of three 5-year projects symbolic of regional expertise potential:

CHRONIC INFECTIONS: from pathogenesis to care
Led by Professor Jacques Reynes (MD, PhD) and Jean-Philippe LAVIGNE (MD, PhD)
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Cancer, Heteroclonality, and Personalized Treatments
Led by Professor Guillaume Cartron (MD, PhD) and Charles Theillet (PhD)
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Regeneration and rehabilitation to restore mobility in diseases with musculo‐skeletal tissue dysfunction
Led by Professor Christian Jorgensen (MD, PhD) and Alain Lacampagne (DR1 CNRS)
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The following were not certified, but nonetheless chosen to pursue internally:

Led by Professor Yves Dauvilliers

ITC4 care
Health Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Led by Professor Eric Renard

These federations leverage a particularly dense local community of research teams and laboratories in regional university hospitals recognized in their respective fields.