Explore #2


The program is part of a global project that seeks to structure tomorrow’s university, which will be non-exclusive and open to all disciplines. Therefore, proposals that both meet the eligibility and selection criteria of this call and offer an important value-added to the I-SITE MUSE may be considered for funding, including for candidates whose academic research themes are not directly placed in MUSE’s three core sectors.

Collaboration projects with strategic partner universities or institutions

Similar to EXPLORE#1, EXPLORE#2  call for international mobility will noticeably, but not exclusively, favor collaborations that are in connection with its scientific program (cf. annex 1), and prioritized universities or partners (including non-academic ones) or geographical areas and countries (cf. annex 2). Applications may involve existing platforms-in-partnership of those MUSE members that are active at international level (cf. annex 2).

Option 1- Support for

Incoming or outgoing individual mobility stay

to explore new international collaborative projects

  • for PhD students, seeking for potential post-doctoral professional research projects;
  • for (Assistant) Professors, Research-Professors and Researchers (either tenured or on contract-basis staff, whose employment contract is in force at the time the mobility is carried out);
  • for Engineers, Technicians or administrative staff (either tenured or on contract-basis staff, whose employment contract is in force at the time the mobility is carried out) for outgoing mobility only.

Option 2 – Support for

Outgoing collective mobility stays

to develop new international (pedagogical, academical and/or scientific) collaborations

  • For a group of people (maximum 5 persons) from the educational and/or research structures within MUSE scope (Assistant Professor, Research-Professor, Researcher, Doctoral student or support staff). These mobility stays seek to:
  • set up a new training program;
  • build an international partnership between institutions;
  • develop a structuring research projet.

Assessment criteria

1. Coherent with MUSE global scientific ambition, focused on three societal challenges that are “FEED – PROTECT-CARE”, and open to all themes/disciplines likely to contribute to those objectives (cf. annex 1);

2. By its exploratory and structuring aspects, the contribution of value-added for I-SITE MUSE (strengthening of excellence, acquisition of new skills, innovation) including for applications from candidates whose academic research themes are not directly placed in MUSE’s three main sectors;

3. Stimulation for the opening up of the Montpellier communities to international collaboration by leveraging partnership networks of dedicated institutions and by developing partnerships with private-public stakeholders in the area of education, research, value-generation or pedagogical and organizational innovation;

4. Collaborative impact induced within I-SITE MUSE via group mobility stays that potentially involve 2 or more educational and/or research structures within MUSE scope;

5. Commitment of hosting structures and structures of origin in the mobility, particularly in terms of dedicated human or financial resources. Educational/Research inter-structure collaborations will be encouraged.

Educational/Research inter-structure collaborations will be encouraged.

Funding for mobility stays that solely target the participation to a symposium or a conference is excluded from this EXPLORE#2 scheme.

Evaluation process

Following the administrative assessment of submitted applications by MUSE executive team, applications will be sent for ranking to an evaluation committee, comprised of members from the University of Montpellier Academic Council (CAc), representatives of MUSE 5 research clusters, LabEx representatives and representatives of I-SITE MUSE consortium member institutions. The evaluation committee will assess applications deemed to be eligible and will present a ranking list to the MUSE Board for final decision.


Funding for EXPLORE #2 call amounts to 490K€ and originates from I-SITE MUSE contributions and University of Montpellier’s, CIRAD’s and IRD’s own funding. EXPLORE international mobility program offers financial support which is comprised of:

(1) a daily allowance that varies according to the country of destination (cf. Arrêté du 3 juillet 2006 setting the rates of French daily mission allowances), limited to a maximum of 30 daily allowances whatever the total duration of the mobility may be, and;

(2) the payment of transportation expense (based on real costs and limited to 1 round-trip ticket per recipient) according to the following grid:

> 8000km

2 000 €

1000km – 7999km

1 300 €

0km – 999km

600 €

*Maximum travel expense per mobility, according to the distance between place of departure and place of arrival, calculated with the tool developed by the European Commission

This financial support is meant to help compensate additional costs induced by the mobility, and under no circumstances can finance salary costs or wages.

Application process

Applications must be submitted within the framework of an educational and/or research structure within MUSE scope and be separate from mobilities generated from institutions whose core activity is international mobility (namely CIRAD, IRD, CIHEAM-IAMM).

Mobility recipients are not subjected to any nationality condition.

An OUTGOING mobility requires the approval signature from the director of the educational and/or research structure within MUSE scope (for Doctoral students, (assistant) Professors, Research-Professors and Researchers); or from the supervisor of the Engineer, Technician or support staff member employed by one of the MUSE consortium members.

An INCOMING mobility requires an invitation letter from the educational and/or research structure within MUSE scope. All potential recipients must be employed by (or, in case of doctoral students, registered in) an institution.

Upon accepting their financing offer, selected candidates will be required to sign a commitment charter specifying the recipient’s obligations during her/his mobility stay in terms of communication, I-SITE MUSE ambassador’s role or experience feed-back to be provided to MUSE (activity report) upon completion of the mobility.

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