ÉCOLE RECHERCHE-ACTION 2021 Covid 19 & Controverses

Du 18 janvier 2021 au 22 janvier 2021

Goal Dealing with socio-scientific controversies in order to embody the blockages they generate and accelerate transitions towards sustainable development,

MAK’IT: News from the pilot group

Le 06 décembre 2020

MAK’IT has invited 5 senior international researchers from August for a 4-month pilot exercise before the official launch of

New MAK’IT brochure!

Le 06 décembre 2020

New design and integration of the graphic charter, the MAK'IT brochure presents and briefly describes all the activities of

Patrick Caron

Le 06 décembre 2020

Patrick CARON Vice President for International Affairs, University of Montpellier, France Patrick Caron is a veterinary

Call for applications “COHORT”

Le 06 décembre 2020

MAK’IT launched today its first “COHORT” call for applications on the issue of “fake news” and its relation to science.This

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