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Every year, as part of Regional Innovation Strategy, the MUSE I-Site Key Initiative “KIM Biomarkers & Therapy”, the Regional Agency for Economic Development AD’OCC, and the Eurobiomed Competitiveness Cluster organize a two-day  Biomarker meeting focusing on a specific topic (2017: Neurosciences, 2018: Infectiology, 2019: Oncology…).

The objective of these meetings is to foster the creation of new collaborations between academic, industrial, and clinical researchers.

They take place at University of Montpellier’s new Faculty of Medicine in mid-June and welcome  the leading regional and national scientists in these fields. The meeting’s speakers thus become the best ambassadors regarding our region’s companies and the quality of fundamental and clinical research carried out locally.

Biomarker Days, a date not to be missed if you want to:

  • Catch up with the last advances and perspectives concerning biomarkers in a specific field
  • Discover innovative technological solutions for biomarker development
  • Pursue new collaborations

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