Educational tracks offered in the field of biomarkers and technologies for biomarker detection

Objective: identify and consolidate teaching and educational programs provided in the field of biomarkers

I. Programs involving biomarkers offered by University of Montpellier, University of Nîmes, and Ecole des Mines d’Alès

Here is a summary of the curriculum covering biomarkers:

Technical University Degree (DUT)

(BioHealth program)

Biological engineering


(BioHealth program)

Professional Bachelor’s – Analytical and Experimental Biology
Professional Bachelor’s – Biotechnology Professions (University of Nîmes)
Professional Bachelor’s – Jobs in Promoting Health Products (MPPS)

Life Sciences (3 tracks out of 7 involving biomarkers)

Track: Biotechnologies, Biotraceability, and Bioresources (BBB)

Track: Health Engineering
Bachelor’s – Life Sciences (University of Nîmes)


Biomarkers are first covered in the Master’s 1 core program via biotechnology courses, notably focusing on “application” aspects.

Master’s – Medical Drug Sciences (all 5 tracks in this Master’s cover biomarkers) (Educational offering in BioHealth and chemistry)

Track: International Regulatory Environment for Health Companies and Products
Track: Health Product Analysis: Quality and Methodology
Track: Health Product Development: Quality and Safety
Track: Structural Biology and Rational Design of Bioactive Molecules
Track: Aging and Anti-aging Strategies

Master’s – Health Engineering (3 tracks out of 5 covering biomarkers) (Educational offering in BioHealth)

Track: Management of Clinical Operations, Data Management
Track: Project Management in Environmental Health
Track: Medical Devices: from Design to Market

Master’s – BioHealth (3 tracks out of 10 covering biomarkers) (Educational offering in BioHealth)

Track: BIOTIN () and Diagnostic Innovations sub-track (U. Nîmes, UM, EMA, Polytech, EFS, CEA, Eurobiomed)
Track: Translational Medicinal Chemistry
Track: Design, Evaluation, and Management of Clinical Trials

Master’s – Sciences and Digital Technologies for Health (all 3 tracks in this Master’s cover biomarkers) (Educational offering in BioHealth)

Program: Bioinformatics, Knowledge, Data
Track: Biomedical Physics
Track: Medical Device Engineering

II. Other programs

“Other programs” includes all those programs that deal more with technologies related to detecting biomarkers.

– Master’s in Agroscience Biology – DTec-Bio track (Didier Tousch, Director)
– Master’s in Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automatics – Sensors and Systems track (Brice Sorli, Manager)
– Biostatistics: organized as part of BioCampus Montpellier Technology Workshops