A multidisciplinary scientific community dedicated to the study of the sea and the coast (20 research units and more than 400 researchers).

Montpellier is the place of multiple scientific skills, especially in marine biodiversity and its uses, environmental assessment of the sea and the seashore, marine geosciences, modelling, oceanic engineering, high technologies, human and social sciences… The Key Initiative of MUSE “KIM Sea & Coast” aims at promoting and supporting these knowledges and skills at regional, national and international levels. The targeted audience includes scientists, companies, institutions, organizations, local authorities and general public.

For this purpose, the KIM Sea & Coast supports educational initiatives (annual call for a multidisciplinary summer school), but also international scientific collaborations (annual call for international research projects). The KIM Sea & Coast also supports scientific collaborations between MUSE’s scientists and local companies, organizations or institutions (Challenge Masters). Quarterly scientific seminars are organized in partnership with the Planet Ocean Aquarium (Montpellier) and the Pôle Mer Méditerranée (competitivity pole) to promote the scientific skills of MUSE, respectively to the general public and companies.