“Master’s grants for interdisciplinary projects in health”

Leading students towards translational research

The “Biomarkers & Therapy” KIM offers funding in the form of grants for research teams that would like to welcome a Master’s student to work on an interdisciplinary project in the health field.

The goal is to train students for research in health by integrating an interdisciplinary dimension: BioHealth, Chemistry, and/or MIPS (Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, and Systems).

This program, which involved the BioHealth and Chemistry communities for its first two years, integrates the MIPS competence center as of this year.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, the project must involve at least two MUSE framework teams (up to three different teams), as follows.

  • TRANSLATIONAL PROJECTS: must involve one clinical team and one team from one of the Biology, Chemistry, or MIPS competence centers.
  • NON-TRANSLATIONAL PROJECTS: must involve teams from at least two of the Biology, Chemistry, or MIPS competence centers.


Funding of 5,000 € is provided for selected projects, covering compensation for the student (internship of at least 2 months) and expenses related to the student’s work.

Project selection

Projects are selected by a committee of experts recommended by various co-funders.

Laureate teams

– Teams whose projects are selected will participate in a half-day event entitled “Interdisciplinary Student-Researcher Meetings in Health”, scheduled in the morning of September 25, 2020 at the University of Montpellier’s new Faculty of Medicine. The goal of this event is to bring researchers who have Master’s in Translational Research projects together with students seeking a host laboratory.

– The student involved in each selected project will provide a summary presentation at “My Interdisciplinary Master’s in 180 seconds” in June 2021.