Yes, the Explore #3 program is maintained. Based on the global situation, the deadline for applications has been extended to April 27, 2020 (11:59 p.m., Paris time). Keep in mind that Explore #3 mobility stays can be carried out through December 31, 2021.

For now (early January 2021), the deadline for implementing Explore #3 mobility stays remains unchanged. Explore #3 mobility stays are expected to start before December 31, 2021 (they may end after that date, but must have started before the end of the year). However, future developments may bring MUSE to reconsider Explore #3 implementation calendar. In that case, beneficiaries will be informed directly.

Absolutely! The application process of the Explore #2 program allows you to submit applications in French or English (the questionnaire is available in both languages. See the Explore #3 call: “Documents (in French or English) are to be uploaded in PDF format onto the dedicated platform on the site

Yes, they can. However, they must remain administratively linked to their educational structure at the time of their mobility stay. See the Explore #3 call: “Students who benefit from mobility support must be registered in a MUSE educational structure at the time of their mobility”.

As specified in the Explore #3 call, the amount of the support granted per student beneficiary is “a flat rate of €500 per mobility regardless of the duration of the stay”.

In compliance with the timeline established by the call, the Explore #3 program can only cover expenses related to mobility stays between June 20, 2020 and December 31, 2021. Expenses incurred before June 20, 2020 cannot be supported.

Absolutely! Modalities #1 and #2 of the program are opened to PhD students. Candidates applying for an outgoing mobility stay must be registered in a doctoral school of the UM Doctoral College and linked to a research unit within the MUSE scope at the time of their mobility (see list of the research units online). Candidates applying for an incoming mobility must provide a letter of support from their employer with whom they must be under contract at the time of their mobility.

According to the terms of the Explore #3 call, the amount of the daily allowance granted to the beneficiaries of the program is established by the Arrêté du 3 juillet 2006 setting the rates of French daily mission allowances. This amounts varies according to the country of destination, but is not affected by the duration of the mobility. The number of daily allowances is limited to a maximum of 30 whatever the total duration of the mobility.

As indicated in the call, applications are submitted via the dedicated portal on the website You will need to provide 3 documents (in French or English) when filling out the application questionnaire online:

  • A short description of your project;
  • A letter of support signed by the director of your educational and/or research structure of employment, or your supervisor in case you are a support staff;
  • A letter of invitation from the director of your hosting educational and/or research structure.

There are no strict rules for writing the letter, except that it should be signed by the director and on the letterhead of the concerned structure. As for the content, you may use the templates proposed in the application questionnaires.

As indicated in the Explore #3 call, the letter of support must be signed « by the director of the applicant’s educational and/or research structure of employment, or of the applicant’s supervisor in the case of support staff ». In case the applicant is also the director of his/her educational and/or research structure of employment, the letter of support must be signed by his/her immediate supervisor (N+1).

According to the terms of the Explore #3 call, any project meeting its criteria can be considered for funding (See Objective: “The program is part of a global project that seeks to structure tomorrow’s university, which will be non-exclusive and open to all disciplines. Therefore, proposals for new international collaborations that meet both the eligibility and selection criteria of this call and offer an important value-added to the I-SITE MUSE may be considered for funding, including for candidates whose academic research themes are not directly placed in MUSE’s three main sectors”.

The Explore #3 program does not exclude other funding to cover expenses related to a mobility stay, especially if its duration exceeds 30 days. However, the Explore program and another funding program cannot be used to support the same round-trip travel. Each funding source must cover one particular round-trip travel, since original tickets and boarding passes are requested to document any claim for reimbursement.

If their application is selected, beneficiaries of the Explore #3 program will be asked to reiterate their travel dates. It will then be possible to change them, within the timeline established by the call, that is, before December 31, 2021.

Absolutely! However, the information to be entered in the « Personal information » section of the questionnaire must be that of the person who will actually carry out the mobility stay.