« Accelerating transitions towards sustainable development»

One vision

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted under the aegis of the United Nations, will only be achieved by 2030 through a profound transformation of our societies towards more innovative, integrative and adaptive models. This transformation necessitates a series of major transitions that need to be orchestrated to address the nexuses bringing together of health, environment and climate change, food and agriculture. From local to global contexts, they represent many new challenges to be addressed by research and teaching. MAK’IT’s ambition is to contribute to the renewal of the places and forms of scientific knowledge mobilisation and to invent new fora to address the multiple controversies provoked by these changes.

One mission

Analyse, accompany and accelerate health, environmental, and agriculture and food transitions necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Three functions


Contribute to research and teaching planning on these transitions and support the development of a corresponding school of thought at local, national and international levels;


Identify and stimulate the realisation of related foresight exercises and strengthen the skills necessary to drive the transitions;


Feed societal debates related to these transitions at national and international levels, answering both public and private requests by acting as a science-society and science-policy interface.

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