Target University

The University of Montpellier and its partners seek to create a thematic research-intensive university that will be internationally recognized for its impact in the fields of agriculture, environment and health, hereinafter referred to as the Target University. Within the framework of this project, partners share a collective vision and target the following goals in the areas of research, education, innovation and promotion:

Perform research at the highest national and global level and promote cross-disciplinarity; aim for a dual ambition of academic excellence and frontier-research while meeting the needs of society, particularly to face the challenges at the heart of the MUSE project disciplines and their interfaces;

Enrich master’s and doctoral educational programs in a global vision and ambition, to train French and international students at the highest level in the fields of the Target University, using new tools, pedagogical methods and innovative teaching processes;

Connect students to the business worldby deploying training modules and schemes focused on discovery, comprehension of business mechanisms and challenges and support for the emergence of student initiatives related to entrepreneurship. This also implies greater involvement of companies in the orientation and governance of education;

Promotion of students’ entrepreneurial spiritto encourage them to act as true players of campus life in a social and solidarity-based approach; support joint student initiatives in order to strengthen the sense of belonging to the « Montpellier University of Excellence » community;

Undertaking actions that promote the value of researchcarried out in laboratories, particularly by encouraging the development, strengthening and perpetuation of partnerships with the business world (start-ups, regional companies or large groups)

Strengthening the site’s scientific attractiveness and international exposureby establishing collaborations with strategic partners in the North and in the South, starting with a “Southern countries”-focused international cooperation and by deploying schemes likely to attract high potential scientists.

Therefore, in the coming years, the Target University will be able to offer a conducive framework for joint and transversal actions and join forces with its partners to make them the stakeholders of a shared strategy that is consistent with the vision of a research-intensive university.