In the I-SITE MUSE project selected by the jury early 2017, the partners had made several commitments, among which: common signature for scientific publications, promotion of the “Université de Montpellier brand”, awarding of L, M and D degrees by University of Montpellier, and, more generally, creation of a target university in 2021.

University of Montpellier is the I-SITE project coordinator and the backbone of the target university; it is the result of the successful merger of two universities (Montpellier 1 and 2) in 2015; this merge induced major transformations and the stabilization of the establishment (in terms of structure, processes, and more) is still very recent.

At the time of selection in 2017, the international jury had issued two mandatory conditions to the continuation of the project, whose compliance is the object of a mid-term assessment, namely: signature of publications under the “Université de Montpellier” brand and the development of a target university model, validated by all institutions.

Several considerations and recommendations supplemented these two conditions: demonstration of the research organizations’ strong participation; integration of health facilities; implementation of a concerted international strategy, especially with IRD and CIRAD; alignment with the project’s proposed scientific scope, and more.

In 2017, in order to implement the project, University of Montpellier set up the MUSE University Foundation along with a project governance instrument: the “MUSE Board”, comprised of 10 representatives of the project’s members and chaired by UM president. Five companies, which support the project since its conception, participate in the Management Board of this university Foundation.