An action program that touches all aspects of university life

Even though research is often the most visible part of major IDEX-ISITE-type projects, they are in fact intended to give a boost to all the activities of the university and its partners:

  • The production of knowledge on the fronts of science, but also on inter and multidisciplinary issues.
  • The enrichment of master’s and PhD programs in an international vision;
  • The opening of campuses to businesses (from Start-Ups to large groups) and, more generally, to civil society actors.
  • Enhanced international collaborations with targeted partners in both North and South. The international cooperation component focused on the “South” countries is a distinctive feature of our project.
  • Effective and responsive governance.

A university that is transforming

Within the MUSE project, the University of Montpellier (UM) is entrusted with a special role:
it is, on the one hand, a partner of the consortium in the same way as the other 18;
it is also the administrative backer of the file, guaranteeing the proper use of the funds in compliance with the commitments made by each of the partners;
it is, finally, one of the objectives of the project, since it is called to transform itself to become this “Reference University” targeted by the AAP.

Thus, in the next few years, the University of Montpellier will transform its internal organization to provide a framework conducive to joint actions, combining its strengths with those of its partners, and which is consistent with the vision of an intensive research university. :

Research departments that include all the research units of the partner institutions. This does not imply a change in guardianship, as the various units continue to be fully integrated into their respective institutions.

Collegiums that coordinate the teaching curriculum of all members.

A Graduate School which rolls out the program of “courses of excellence” in view of an improvement of the teaching of Master and Doctorate.

A Doctoral Academy, part of the Graduate School of the UM, which coordinates all the doctoral schools of the perimeter of MUSE, and replaces in this role the doctoral college of the ComUE LRU.

The international relations and University-Industry relations platforms are implemented in order to coordinate the action of the partners’ services in the field of MUSE.

An overall annual budget of  17 million €

(Funds generated by non-consumable endowments of € 550m), in addition to resources provided by all partners.

The sustainability of these new means depends on our ability to carry out this project, demonstrating our commitment and the strength of the commitment of all partners to the target university model.