As part of the MUSE Montpellier I-SITE, it was decided that partners would adopt a common policy for signing scientific publications.  With all the stakeholders agreeing that the goal is to achieve a “world-class university”, it was decided that the “common brand name” to be presented would be that of the lead establishment, namely Université de Montpellier. The international jury selecting the I-SITE project made that action a requirement.

1 .The consortium partners decided to respect the global framework of the AVIESAN charter, notably:

  • One single line
  • Systematic mention of the Univ Montpellier[1] brand, even if the University itself is not a supervisory establishment (“Université de Montpellier” or “University of Montpellier” may be used, depending on publisher requirements)
  • “Univ Montpellier” is followed by the laboratory’s supervisory establishments in alphabetical order
  • Short version of the laboratory’s name (i.e.: “LIRMM,” and not: “LIRMM UMR[2] 5506”)
  • Compact presentation of the address (city and country, without postal code or “CEDEX”)
  • Listed in ascending order

2. Exceptionally, a second line may be added when particular constraints apply to an institution

In the latter case, the institution in question must inform its laboratories

[1] Using the  “Univ Montpellier” reference enables a single spelling format, regardless of the publication language.
[2] These acronyms are not known outside France and can be a source of misunderstanding; the numerical codes are different from one funding/supervising establishment to another.