I-SITE MUSE relies on a network of international academic partners with which it commits itself over the mid- and long-term. With each partner, the terms of the partnership are specified via a framework agreement detailing the general framework of cooperation between UM, acting on behalf of the I-SITE MUSE, and the said partner. These agreements specify the purposes and forms of cooperation, with the details of each action being defined in specific agreements. I-Site MUSE explores with all these partners the opportunity of large global initiatives, at the crossroads of the 3 pillars Feed/Protect/Care.

Making thematic programming work through privileged links with cutting-edge universities in Northern and Southern countries in MUSE strategic fields 

Through institutionnal and programmatic dedicated arrangement, co-produce the knowledge, data and skills needed to address global issues in the MUSE fields via global research and academic partnerships with the best performing international institutions in the area, while involving those in low-income countries.

The MUSE International Advisory Board (MIAB) is comprised of key foreign and French strategic partners to help achieve MUSE goals. The MIAB will play a key consulting role in terms of steering and strategic guidance for the development of the MUSE initiative and provide recommendations in the areas of education, research, innovation and international outreach.

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