Caption: The csip team

The mission of the Support Center for Pedagogical Innovation (CSIP) is to assist, support, and initiate pedagogical transformation within the MUSE scope. It provides a wide range of services designed for all those involved with education: professors, research-professors, schools and partner establishments, and students.

To reach its goals, CSIP organizes micro-projects and multidisciplinary workshops to support pedagogical creativity and new curricula of excellence, while also setting up coaching courses to help professors and research-professors generate new concepts or consolidate methods they may already have.

INSPIRE – “The faces and voices of pedagogical innovation”, where we open the microphone to professors who take risks to change their approach and share their experience informally.

IDEON – a multipurpose space whose design integrates cutting-edge furnishings and technologies to facilitate interaction and creativity, a place for training professors who wish to experiment with active new teaching methods in a learning laboratory setting.

MOVE – “Designing and managing learning spaces”, where we share ideas, experience, and examples with users and future users of Learning Labs.

CSIP leads and implements TAKE-OFF calls-for-projects supporting pedagogical innovation.