University of Montpellier and the I-SITE Montpellier University of Excellence members wish to showcase the vitality of the MUSE scientific communities by implementing a support program for scientific events of international scope. In its 5 September 2019 session, the MUSE Board of Directors decided to focus on major international scientific events by providing   potential support ranging from €10K to €30K.

A new set of eligibility and assessment criteria, level of support, and mutual commitments related to the support and their monitoring (described below) became effective as of the Fall 2019.

Eligibility criteria

Scientific events considered eligible for support must meet the following requirements:

  • attendance by approximately 400 participants;
  • topic from one of MUSE’s 3 pillars “Feed, Protect, Care” and/or at their crossroads;
  • real international dimension;
  • organization by a MUSE structure (with at least one scientist from the MUSE scope included in the organizational committee);
  • located in Montpellier or surrounding area;
  • involvement of several MUSE consortium members (at least 2).

Application process

Organizers of major international events[1] may submit their applications all year round. To do so, they need to complete an application form (downloadable here) and submit it on the dedicated web platform.

Applications must include a presentation of the event, the list of members of the organizational and scientific committees and demonstrate the interest for MUSE and how the assessment criteria are met, and include a detailed budget detailing other funding sources and their amount.

After assessment by the MUSE Executive team, applications are submitted for approval to the MUSE Board of Directors twice a year (late September and mid-May).

Commitments of the organizer

In return for MUSE’s support, the organizer agrees to:

  • display MUSE and “ANR Investissements d’Avenir” logos on all communication media related to the event;
  • invite one or more MUSE representatives to take part in the event and, when appropriate, speak at the event opening or closing ceremony;
  • include one or more voluntary actions to demonstrate their willingness to serve as an example with regards to “social and environmental responsibility”;
  • complete and send a report to the MUSE Executive team within 2 months after the event so that MUSE may include this information in its activity reports.

Contact : Nathalie Modjeska, international program manager

[1] Organizers of smaller events (under 400 participants) may apply for support from their institution, in accordance with their respective procedures and calendars.