The main mission of the University of Montpellier Doctoral College (CD-UM) is to assist PhD students by providing transversal vocational training over the course of their doctoral research activity, and also identifying their professional plans locally, nationally, and internationally. One of the goals is to promote PhD students’ career profiles in all socio-economic and cultural sectors. More specifically, CD-UM objectives are to:

  • Offer excellence-level professional training for PhD students with a guarantee of top-quality programs.
  • Reinforce interdisciplinary and international aspects of doctoral education.
  • Prepare PhD students for their professional careers.
  • Promote doctoral studies within the socio-economic sphere as well as in society as a whole.

Our doctoral schools are equipped with a shared tool that digitalizes management of procedures related to doctoral education (from registration to thesis defense) and enables PhD students and PhDs to promote their skills within the network. This digital management tool (ADUM – Single Shared Doctoral Access) enables CD-UM to organize all the programs offered to PhD students each year (follow-up on registration, withdrawal, cancellation, validation, evaluation, and more).

The University of Montpellier Doctoral College strengthens, completes, supports, and develops the mechanisms implemented by Doctoral Schools to meet the mission requirements defined in the French decree of May 25, 2016.