The first BioHealth Department White Paper

Published in October 2019, the BioHealth White Paper is the result of a collective effort by the BioHealth Department community to highlight the indisputable strengths of the Montpellier-Nîmes site in the field of biomarkers and 6P Medicine, notably with respect to fundamental and clinical research and the strong potential for building partnerships with companies.

This white paper is designed for the entire community, territorial authorities, and companies in the sector. It is also intended to be distributed internationally.

It is divided into thematic articles focusing on seven research areas: quantitative biology, oncology, genetics-epigenetics, infectiology and immunology, experimental and regenerative medicine, neuroscience, and technologies for health-bioengineering.

It also presents some of the main success stories that have led to fundamental discoveries and the development of innovative technologies created at our site. Encouraging these successes offers further motivation to continue along this path.

Finally, group thinking brought about by writing this White Paper has turned out to be key for evaluating needs and defining actions to carry out over the coming years in academic and clinical research on biomarkers and 6P Medicine.