Ly Yann Kauv

Ly Yann Kauv - Responsable de programme - Agropolis Fondation | LinkedIn

Ly Yann is an agronomist who has worked in the development sector in Africa and Asia for 15 years. Her work consisted on managing projects aiming to build capacities of smallholder farmers, in an attempt to find co-constructed solutions towards Climate Change Adaptation and Agroecology. In the past years, she has focused her attention on building education systems for young professionals and researchers, which matches with their need and the employment market. She now coordinates the One Planet Fellowship Programme for Agropolis Fondation, based in Montpellier. This programme is designed to enhance the capacity of high potential young researchers focused on agriculture and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Africa. The creation of long term collaborations between African and European researchers and Institutions is the key objective of the One Planet Fellowship Programme on the basis that  everyone can learn from everyone.